• Green Operations
  • Greenhouse Gases
  • Green Buildings
  • Carbon Disclosure
Included in the CDP Climate Change and Water Security Leadership Level, and Supplier Engagement Leader Level A
Thailand Plant 7 (LEED Gold)
Joined the RE100 Initiative and pledged to attain RE100 by 2030
Met the 2025 Delta SBT targets ahead of schedule
Signed a long-term renewable electricity power purchase agreement with a wind power generation company, which was Delta's first green power transaction
Officially joined the Business Ambition for 1.5°C Campaign
Honored with two “A” Leadership level ratings by CDP for substantial contribution to climate change and water security issues
Achieved SBT for 3 consecutive years
Joined the RE100 Initiative (officially joined in 2021)
Completed the second climate change risks and opportunities assessment
Achieved SBT carbon reduction for two consecutive years
100% of Delta’s overall production plants and six buildings in Taiwan have achieved ISO 14064-1
Green data center in Taipei Headquarters (LEED platinum)
Awarded the CDP Leadership Level A-
Participated in COP25 to share water conservation applications and education
Selected as Climate Change Management Level of CDP
Chungli R&D Center (LEED Gold)
Ako Energy Park in Japan (LEED Gold)
Wu Jiang Data Center (LEED Gold)
100% of Delta’s overall production plants and six buildings in Taiwan have achieved ISO 14064-1 verification
Achieved SBT carbon reduction in the frst year
Established Internal Carbon Pricing
Set Delta’s SBT and passed the SBTi compliance validation
100% of Delta’s main production plants and the US, India and Brazil production plants of Eltek achieved ISO 14064-1 verification
EMEA Headquarters in the Netherlands (BREEAM Very Good), DET Plant 5 (LEED Gold), Shanghai R&D Building (LEED Platinum)
Awarded the CDP Climate Change
Leadership Level A-
Selected as CDP Climate Change Leadership Level A-
Beijing Offce Building (LEED Silver)
Taoyuan Plant 5 (EEWH Gold & LEED Gold)
India Mumbai Offce Building (LEED Platinum)
Taipei Headquarters (LEED Platinum)
100% of Delta’s major production sites achieved ISO 14064-1 verification
Researched and developed the scientifc carbon reduction method
Joined the 2050 pathways platform
Expanded the scope of energy saving to new plants, buildings, and data centers
Dongguan, Wujiang, Wuhu, Cyntec Hsinchu and Cyntec Huafeng Plants achieved ISO 14064-1 verification
America Headquarters (LEED Platinum)
Selected as a constituent of the Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index for two consecutive years
Joined the CDP initiative “Commit to Action”
Setting a comparison base year; Reducing electricity intensity again by 30% in 2020
Wujiang plant achieved China’s energy management system certifcation
The only company in Greater China selected for the CDP_CPLI (Carbon Disclosure Project_Carbon Performance Leadership Index) and CDLI (Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index)
Dongguan Plant received an energy management system certifcation in China (GB/ T2331)
Taipei Headquarters (EEWH-RN Diamond)
Shanghai R&D Building (LEED Gold)
Taoyuan R&D Center (EEWH Diamond & LEED Gold)
India Gurgaon Plant (LEED-INDIA Platinum)
Dongguan / Thailand plants achieved ISO 50001 compliance certifcation
Completed GHG inventory of 8 key uppliers
India Rudrapur Plant (LEED INDIA Gold)
Wuhu Plant achieved 14064-1 verification
Accomplished product footprint disclosure for 3 types of products
  • Main Production Plant

  • Overall Production Plant